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Copy files from On-Prem to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

AzCopy is a Windows command-line utility for copying data to and from Microsoft Azure Blob, File & Table storage.
You will need to create a Storage account in order to start using AzCopy.
Download the latest version of AzCopy & install it.

Image #1: Microsoft Azure Storage Tools

Image #1: AzCopy.exe with sample parameters


/Source - Local Path in this example
/Dest - Azure Storage URI in this example
/DestKey: Access Key to Azure Storage Container
/V: Log File
If want to overwrite all with force use /y

Image #1: Log File

Image #1: Azure Portal Storage Container


Transfer data with the AzCopy Command-Line Utility

AzCopy – Uploading/Downloading files for Windows Azure Blobs


IF using this to copy Microsoft SQL Server backup files that will be restored from URL, it will thrown the below error:
"The specified URL points to a Block Blob. Backup and Restore operations on Block Blobs are not permitted."
To workaround that issue, make sure AzCopy has /BlobType:page
Use SQL Server Backup to Url which creates BlobType = Page.