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Powershell - Failover Cluster
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

The FailoverClusters Windows PowerShell module is installed on the Server with Failover Clustering install. To use the
Failover Clustering cmdlets, you have to import the FailoverClusters module into a Windows PowerShell session.

Import-Module FailoverClusters

$cluster = "ClusterName"
$nodes = Get-ClusterNode -Cluster $cluster
$nodes | Format-Table -property ID, NodeName, State, NodeWeight

Get-ClusterNode NOD01Name | Get-ClusterResource
Get-ClusterNode NOD02Name | Get-ClusterResource

Get-ClusterQuorum -Cluster CLUSTERName | fl *
Get-ClusterQuorum -Cluster CLUSTERName | Format-Table -property Cluster, QuorumResource, QuorumType

Get-Cluster | fl *

Get-Cluster -domain





Get-Counter -ListSet * | ?{ $_.CounterSetName -like “Cluster*” } | ft CounterSetName

Get-Counter -ListSet * | ?{ $_.CounterSetName -like “Cluster*” } | %{ $_.paths }

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster API Handles\Resource Handles” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster Resource Control Manager\Groups Online” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster Resource Control Manager\RHS Processes” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster Resources(*)\Resources Online”

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster Resources(*)\Resource Failure”

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster CSVFS(*)\Reads/sec” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster CSVFS(*)\Writes/sec” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster CSVFS(*)\Avg. sec/Write” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster CSVFS(*)\Avg. sec/Read” -Continuous

Get-Counter -Counter “\Cluster CSV File System(*)\Read Latency” -Continuous


Failover Cluster Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell Listed by Task Focus