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Azure BizTalk Hybrid Connections
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

Hybrid Connections are a feature of Azure BizTalk Services. Hybrid Connections provide an easy and convenient way to connect the Web Apps feature in Azure App Service (formerly Websites) and the Mobile Apps feature in Azure App Service (formerly Mobile Services) to on-premises resources behind your firewall.

Setup Basics:


Within your On-Prem Server, download and install the "On-Premis Setup", which is found in in Azure
( Connections

Next, within the Hybrid Connection Manager program you just downloaded, enter "On-Prem Connection String for Hybrid Connection:"
Find this key in Azure( Connections: "Manage Connections"

Key Example:


At this point your On-Prem Server is now linked to Azure BizTalk Service over the internet via a URI/Endpoint connection.

Also, the On-Prem Server is now listening to connections from Azure via a local installed listener/service: "Microsoft.HybridConnectionManager.Listener.exe" - located in
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\HybridConnectionManager\


To link your Web App to BizTalk Hybrid Connection, navigate to Azure..Web App..All Settings..Networking..Hybrid Connections

In your Website webconfig connection string, you can enter the Host Name that's in the BizTalk Hybrid Connection & this gets picked up by the BizTalk Service/Adapter and routes it to the Hybrid Connection.

Image #1: Hybrid Connection Manager

Image #2: Hybrid Connection Manager Service / Listener Application .exe

Image #4: Hyrid Connection Manager Listener Application Files

Image #5: netstat -a | findstr 137
(to locate the Azure Hybrid Connection..Azure IP's started with 137)

Image #6: SQL Profiler showing Azure Web App Connections

Image #7: Azure Web App - Hybrid Connections

Image #8: Azure Web App - Hybrid Connections

Image #9: Powershell - Manage On-Prem Hybrid Connection


PowerShell CmdLets | Hybrid Connection Manager

Hybrid Connections overview