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Experts in Microsoft SQL Server on Windows, Linux, Containers | Clusters, Always On, FCI | Migrations, Cloud, Performance - a great tool for Microsoft SQL Server Instance monitoring, performance analysis & much more
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)
2020-01-10 - SQL Server Monitoring Tool

miniDBA provides a very cost effective method to monitor, optimize & report on SQL Server Instances both onprem and cloud.

Key Highlights:

- Cost much lower than competitors
- Stand alone - doesn't require backend reporting database or complex setup, unlike competitors
- Send alerts by email, pager or Slack
- High resolution, 2 second sample time, real time monitoring
- Compare your servers to global averages
- Unlimited free installs of the desktop when miniDBA Server is used as a datasource
- Unlimited free web/mobile clients when used with miniDBA Server
- See last month of performance data (every alert that is raised gives you the option to see server performance when it was raised)
- See on prem and azure sql db side by side (as opposed to having to log in to azure portal)
- See live query stats for all users not just yourself is quite cool

miniDBA Tool - Server View: