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Find the Authentication scheme(SQL Server or Windows Authentication) used with all connections.
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

T-SQL Solution:

SELECT s.Login_Name, s.Host_Name, Auth_Scheme, count(*) as 'Total Sessions'
FROM sys.dm_exec_connections AS C
JOIN sys.dm_exec_sessions AS S ON C.session_id = S.session_id
group by s.host_name, auth_scheme, s.login_name
order by 1 asc, 2 asc;

Authentication Protocols / Schema (default):

NTLM - Used if RDP to a SQL Server and Authenticate locally using Windows Authentication

Kerberos - Used if RDP to a SQL Server box and, using SSMS, Authenticate remotely to another SQL Server box using Windows Authentication

SQL - SQL Login Authentication