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SQL Server PBM - Policy, Condition, Facet
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

Policy-Based Management(PBM) is a system for managing SQL Server systems. The hierarchy is Policy:Condition:Facet. Basically you create a Condition, which is comprised of a Facet with an Expression(Field, Operator, Value) for it. Next, you create a Policy which is comprised of a Condition, Target & Evaluation Mode. One use case is, as the DBA, you may have a requirement that specific SQL Server's have Mixed Mode Authentication configured, so you create a Condition and a Policy that Gets or Enforces that Server Option. Effectively allowing you to check whether an instance of SQL Server is in compliance with the Policy or enforce a Policy.

A Facet is a collection of properties that describe some functionality of SQL Server related to an area of Management. Some common Facets are Database, Login & Server Security.

List of SQL Server Facets:

Example - Create a Policy to check the Server Security Login Mode:

Create a New Condition:

Create a New Policy:

Evaluate the Policy:

That's it !

Policy-Based Management is a great system for defining, implementing, reporting & enforcing standard management policies for an organization SQL Server Environment(s).