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Azure SQL Database Geo-Replication - Initiate a Failover using PowerShell
by BF (Principal Consultant; Architecture; Engineering)

This article shows how to initiate a Geo-Replicated failover for Azure SQL Databases using PowerShell code. It is assuming a two Node
setup with one Node in East US 2 and the other in Central US. It also provides code to check on the Replication Link status and the metadata.
Using the Powershell cmdlet - Set-AzureRmSqlDatabaseSecondary (with the -Failover parameter) you can promote a Secondary Role database to
become the new Primary Role database.

Step 1: Authenticate to Azure Portal


Step 2: Select your Azure Subscription

Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionName "TST"

Step 3: Execute Powershell

Declare Variables:

#Azure East Region SaaS MSSQL DB:
$SRV01 = 'azr01'

#Azure Central Region SaaS MSSQL DB:
$SRV02 = 'azr02'

#Get Current Replication Link Status:
Get-AzureRmSqlDatabaseReplicationLink -DatabaseName $DB -ResourceGroupName $RGEast -ServerName $SRV01 -PartnerResourceGroupName $RGCentral -PartnerServerName $SRV02

#Two Node Config: Make East Primary:
Set-AzureRmSqlDatabaseSecondary -ResourceGroupName $RGEast -ServerName $SRV01 -Failover -PartnerResourceGroupName $RGCentral -DatabaseName $DB -Verbose

#Two Node Config: Make Central Primary:
Set-AzureRmSqlDatabaseSecondary -ResourceGroupName $RGCentral -ServerName $SRV02 -Failover -PartnerResourceGroupName $RGEast -DatabaseName $DB -Verbose

Image #1: Get-AzureRmSqlDatabaseReplicationLink

Image #2: Azure Portal - SQL Database - Geo-Replication


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